Review of Empire America

By Mario Liu

“Watch the Middle East” and “the West has Fallen Asleep”

In August 2008, I was praying with Robert Holmes. God said “Keep your eyes on the Middle East. Watch it.”

Exactly three years later, in August 2011, Robert and I were discussing about ‘watching the Middle East.’ We found that both of us have noticed nothing very interesting in three whole years.

So we asked God “In 2008 you asked us to watch the Middle East – Lord is there more?”

God said “There is more to run, watch Syria, watch Iran, refugees in Iraq and the hardness of heart in Israel.”

Now in 2015 I look back and I can confirm what God revealed to us is true, now that the Middle East is utterly a disaster zone. Watching the Middle East has become a most disturbing activity.

Some recent atrocities committed by ISIS are:

25th September 2014: “Algerian militants release a video that appears to show them beheading Frenchman Herve Gourdel.” (Reuters)

8th January 2015: “The brutal attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has left 12 people dead in France’s worst terrorist incident in 50 years. Gunmen shouting “Allahu akbar”, or God is Great, claimed to be from al-Qaeda as they picked off their targets, one by one.” (Telegraph, London, Reuters)

25th January 2015: “Japan is scrambling to verify a video posted online claiming that one of two men held hostage by Islamic State jihadists has been executed, as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe condemned the militant’s  ‘intolerable violence’.” (Wires)

15th February 2015: “On February 15, a five-minute video was published, showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christian migrant workers on a beach along southern Mediterranean coast.” ( )

3rd April 2015: “Al-Shabaab massacred Garissa University students in Kenya -148 people died, including three policemen, three soldiers and two security guards.” (The Telegraph, London)

20th May 2015: “Cairo: A new Islamic State video distributed on social media apparently shows the shootings and beheadings of two groups of Ethiopian Christians in Libya.” (TNS)

23rd May 2015: “A suicide bomber killed 21 worshippers during Friday prayers in a packed Shi’ite mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia” (Reuters)

There are many extremely confronting images and accounts of ISIS atrocities in the news media. For example, on Google Image search under “ISIS Atrocities” I can see photos of people being tortured and murdered by ISIS. Many of the victims are obviously Christians.

I am deeply concerned about all these atrocities. In February Robert and I prayed about the Middle East and the ISIS rampage, and we asked God what was the meaning of all this.

God said, “It is to show how absolutely powerless the United States is to effectively act.”

In April 2015, after Muslim terrorists killed many university students in Kenya, we again prayed to God to ask for God’s intervention. I asked God to send “horses and chariots of fire (2 King 6:17)” to protect His children around the world.

God showed Robert three words “Yemen, Somalia, al Shabbat.”

Then God said “The offspring of al-Qaeda utterly hate America, truly despise her friends and allies. Slowly the West has fallen asleep. You can’t keep a country on ‘high alert’ and have it actually be alert for long.”

“The Hydra” – a fulfilled prophecy
Robert Holmes published a word in 2008 titled “Of Signs, Seasons and Stars.” In it he wrote:
“’Who is the ghost that cannot be captured? Who is like a Medusa – causing all who follow to become hard like stone? Osama Bin Laden. We will see the discovery, the unveiling, the transecting of a major cell network in Al-Qaeda. Osama himself will be captured or killed. His plans will certainly be transected.’
“The first fulfillment of this word came on 15 March, 2008 when Muhammed Rahim was turned over to the military by the CIA. Rahim was a high-level member of al-Qaeda with contacts through the Middle East and one of Bin Laden’s most trusted facilitators and procurement specialists.
“The second fulfillment came on the 1st of May, 2011 when Osama bin Laden was shot and killed by American forces in a $1 million compound in an affluent neighborhood on the outskirts of Islamabad.
“As the capture and kill of Osama bin Laden took place God said, ‘This is not the end, but only the beginning. Like the hydra, they will cut off one head, and three more will rise. They will destroy one arm of the monster, only to have it multiply. But security forces will think they have won. Beware complacency in the hour of peril.’”

The above prophecy has come true in a horrifying manner.

Currently we can catch a glimpse of the new heads and new arms of the al-Qaeda Hydra by looking at some of the jihadi groups which have pledged allegiance to the ISIS, which itself is a break-away group of al-Qaeda:
• Ansar al-Islam [Iraq] – 8 Jan. 2015 – Allegiance
• Leaders of the Mujahid in Khorasan (10 former TTP commanders) [Pakistan] – 10 Jan. 2015 – Allegiance
• Boko Haram [Nigeria] – 7 Mar. 2015 – Allegiance
• Jund al-Khilafah in Tunisia [Tunisia] – 31 Mar. 2015 – Allegiance
• Jemaah Islamiyah [Philippines] – 27 Apr. 2015 – Allegiance
• al-Murabitoun [Mali] – 14 May 2015 – Allegiance
• Mujahideen of Tunisia of Kairouan [Tunisia] 18 May 2015 – Allegiance

There are 35 groups in all as of 19 May 2015. These are listed on the Intelcenter Website at 

In 2011 God said, “This (killing Osama) is not the end, but only the beginning. Like the hydra, they will cut off one head, and three more will rise. They will destroy one arm of the monster, only to have it multiply. But security forces will think they have won. Beware complacency in the hour of peril.”

This prophecy has now come to pass.

I put Barack Obama there
When the Arab Spring movement ousted Mubarak from power in February 2011, I was bewildered. I was expecting that America would come to the aid of its ally in the Middle East. Mubarak was a dictator, but at the same time he has been a loyal friend of the USA and Israel. Mubarak helped Israel during its conflicts with its neighbours, and he supported USA in its foreign policies in the Middle East.

When Mubarak was in danger during the revolution, instead of offering Mubarak support, Obama criticized Mubarak’s human rights record. Apparently Obama took the side of the revolution which toppled Mubarak in the belief that this would promote the cause of democracy in Egypt. Instead of democracy, Egypt after Mubarak was taken over by radical Muslims who allowed rockets being smuggled into Gaza Strip through tunnels originating in Egypt. Subsequently the Egyptian people revolted again and another dictator came to power. The present government of Egypt is no longer a friend of America.

The past few months I have came across several articles which confirmed my unease. I have read in a New York Times Magazine article that some Middle East countries are buying fighter planes, and warships, from France instead of the USA:
“The French government, in concert with French defense manufacturer Dassault, is on the verge of concluding contracts for up to 96 Rafale fighter jets. Of those, India will get 36, Egypt will get 24 and Qatar will get 24 and an option to buy 12 more. … Egypt receives more than a billion dollars annually in military aid from the United States that it is largely obligated to spend on American military hardware. But after President Obama suspended military aid to Egypt in 2013, when the military ousted Mohamed Morsi, the first democratically elected Egyptian leader, Egypt aggressively pursued defense suppliers elsewhere and France was the beneficiary…. Other Persian Gulf neighbors, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, have opted for mixed fleets of American and European-built jets.”

In my view Obama has been carelessly squandering hard won friendships which have been built up over decades by his predecessors.

In the following extract from a recent news item, President Barack Obama invited the leaders of six Persian Gulf countries to meet with him at his summit. Four out of six Head of States refused to come, and they are sending junior representatives instead:
“Washington: The US will provide new security assurances for Persian Gulf countries meeting with President Barack Obama this week, including agreements on weapons, cyber-security and military training, officials said.
“Mr Obama is convening the summit as the administration is trying to restore the flagging confidence of Gulf Arab leaders in US leadership in the face of an emboldened Iran. Several heads of state are sending lower level officials to meet with Mr Obama, sparking questions about whether the president had been snubbed by frustrated allies.
“Saudi Arabia’s King Salman cancelled two days after the White House announced he had formally accepted an invitation to a White House dinner on Wednesday and a day of talks at Camp David, the presidential retreat. With King Salman’s decision to stay home, only two heads of state from the six invited countries will be present.”
“There is a ‘very deep lack of trust’ in this administration ‘after six years of empty promises, hesitation, indecisiveness’ in response to the region’s crises, said Mustafa Alani, an analyst at the Gulf Research Centre in Geneva.
“Arab apprehension about Mr Obama has been growing for years, fuelled by his decision to abandon President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, tepid support for moderate Syrian rebels and the president ignoring his own “red line” against chemical weapons use by the Assad regime in Syria.”
Bloomberg – May 12, 2015 Sydney Morning Herald

Another political blow to the USA relates to the China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. USA has been pressuring its key allies, including Australia, not to take part in China’s new bank. However, one by one they have ignored US wishes and many countries have signed up:
“The U.S. never opposed a new China-led infrastructure bank, President Barack Obama said Tuesday, challenging a common narrative that Beijing out-maneuvered Washington by persuading key U.S. allies to sign up as founding members.
“’We’re all for it’ if the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank incorporates strong financial, social and environmental safeguards, Mr. Obama said.
“The administration was dealt an embarrassing political blow when the U.K., Germany, France and a host of other Western nations snubbed requests by Washington officials to sit out membership in the AIIB amid questions over the new institution’s standards. The diplomatic bruising renewed questions about whether the U.S. is losing its economic clout in the world.”
(Real Time Economics –

All these disastrous political episodes led me to wonder whether Obama is deliberately sabotaging the USA. So Robert Holmes and I prayed about this. I asked God “Obama’s actions have done a lot of harm to USA. He has allowed US allies to be removed without offering help, terrifying other remaining friends of the US. Obama allowed Syrian government to ‘cross the red line’ of using poison gas on the rebels without consequence, thus losing credibility with the rest of the world. Is Obama a traitor? Were his actions deliberately planned or has some enemies of USA sent Obama as a spy to destroy USA from within?”

God said to us “Don’t give Satan credit for Obama, I put him there! The US got what they deserve, in answer to their request. Obama’s decisions are entirely his. They do not represent my heart.”

The End of Empire America and “Remember Obama is my Alexander”
In November 2008 Robert Holmes published an article called “The End of Empire America.” In the article Robert summarized a series of prophecies from God saying that the Empire of America is coming to an end.
In Robert’s article he wrote “In 1999, as I prepared to travel to the US on ministry, the Lord gave me a very unusual prophetic word. He said that, ‘In the days of Babylon, when her walls stood wide and her leaders stood tall, her defences were strong and her campaigns victorious, Alexander the Great came and defeated her. In the same way, my Alexander will stand in the very midst of the United States of America’.”
When Obama was elected president of America, God confirmed to us many times that Obama is God’s Alexander, and God would use Obama to bring about the end of America as an empire.
You may read more of the original article on this link: 

In July 2012 I came across an article by R Loren Sandford called “HIDDEN WICKEDNESS – A CALL TO PRAYER”.
In this article Sandford said “What I ‘know’ today with certainty is that something sinister, deeply hidden, wrong and dangerous is going on at a national governmental level. It is moving this nation down a path that will harm us greatly and alter our country beyond recognition if not stopped. Truth be told, I can’t with confidence blame it solely on Obama, Democrats, Republicans or Romney. I suspect it goes deeper than any kind of party affiliation or individual office holder and that many of these people are simply pawns on a chessboard, whether they know it or not. I only know that what I sense is real, it is huge and it has my insides in knots. I don’t know whether or not it will be revealed at some point and issue in a huge public scandal or whether it will continue in hiddenness, molding and shaping our lives in ways we don’t even fully realize now. I just know it’s there and growing in destructive power.”

In July 2012 Robert and I met to pray about this. I asked God “Is Obama part of the sinister plan that you have revealed to R Sandford?”
God’s answer was “Remember Obama is my Alexander. There is a deep plan behind the scenes.”
I asked God to reveal more about the evil plans. God said “Connected to the ‘sinister plans’ – It is not Russia OR China directly – remember ‘watch the Middle East’ – ‘Watch’.

The meaning of God’s answer was not very clear. But I gathered the following:  1. Obama is involved in a deep plan behind the scenes. 2. The plans involve the Middle East directly, and Russia and China indirectly. 3. The whole episode is connected to God’s Alexander, meaning that this is part of the process of ending Empire America.

Feeling that I needed more help in understanding the meaning of “God’s Alexander,” I asked God to please explain what that meant.
In November 2012 God said to us “”The interpretations of the Obama prophecies are as follows: 1. Babylon was the world’s largest and most powerful empire. The United States is the same. 2. Alexander the Great was an enigmatic leader from the outside. So is Obama. 3. Alexander defeated Babylon without bloodshed. So does Obama. 4. Alexander stood in the middle of Babylon – not at the city walls. Obama stood in Chicago, which is near the middle of the USA, as opposed to being in the coastal areas of the USA. 5. Once it was brought to its knees, Babylon was ended and split up among several of Alexander’s generals. So will the United
States. The USA Empire is over. 6. It rusted and decayed. So will America.”

End of Empire America – what does it mean
In 2012 the Washington State was pushing for legalizing the use of small amounts of marijuana. One of our friends living in that State was very concerned about this development.

While Robert and I were praying for this friend, God told us “You can expect moral decline, city by city and state by state: bankruptcy both financial and moral. This is the end of Empire.”

Since Obama will finish his presidency in 2016, I am curious to know what will happen to America afterwards.
In May 2015 Robert and I asked God about this. God told us that “USA after Obama will be like the British Empire going into decline, shrinking back and losing her overseas colonies and bases.”

God reminded us of an example of how America is in retreat. It happened in Yemen in February 2015:
“The US withdrawal from the al-Anad air base comes after an offensive by al-Qaeda fighters on the nearby city of al-Houta….The US military personnel at the base, including some special forces, had been training Yemeni fighters to support their fight against al-Qaeda. The US closed its embassy in Sanaa in February after Houthi rebels took over the city.”
(from “US troops withdraw from Yemen air base” BBC News 22 March 2015 )

In summary, God has revealed to us the following about the future of America after Obama:
1. Like Babylon after Alexander’s realm, America will rust and decay.
2. “USA after Obama will be like the British Empire going into decline, shrinking back and losing her overseas colonies and bases.”
3. “You can expect moral decline, city by city and state by state: bankruptcy both financial and moral. This is the end of Empire.”

“Hillary Clinton will become America’s first female leader”
In April 2015, Hillary Clinton announced that she was planning to run for president. Robert and I prayed and asked God about the 2016 US election, and about Hillary’s chances.

God said to Robert “Remember that after Bill Clinton stepped down, I told you then that Hillary Clinton will run for president ,and that she will become America’s first female leader.”

Thinking that this prophecy may be of interest to other members of the Storm Harvest List community I sought to get more information about Hillary’s presidency. If Obama is Alexander sent by God to end the Empire of America, Hillary will represent a significant historic figure also.

I prayed and asked God for further insight on the Hillary presidency.

God said: “Mercurial is a word to describe the leadership style of Hillary Clinton.”

According to the dictionary, mercurial describes someone whose mood or behavior is changeable and unpredictable, or someone who is clever, lively, and quick.

I feel that there is more to be revealed. I may follow up on this topic in a future newsletter.

“Stop being ‘America’ and start being Christ’s followers”
God is love, and He loves us. Whatever God does is for our good.

In January 2015, God showed Robert the words “Exit Empire – Enter Kingdom.” Then God said “Stop being ‘America’ and start being Christ’s followers.”

God wants all of us to stop playing church, and to be serious about listening to and obeying the prompting of the Holy Spirit. We should deny ourselves daily, carry our cross, and follow Him.

The only safe place in the world is to be found in the centre of God’s will for us.

One thought on “Review of Empire America”

  1. Hello, Mario,
    I’m sure you are amazed at the many evils that have overtaken the US since your article, it is disheartening to many of us. The Church as a whole has been asleep for generations, allowing evil to prevail on every level. America has chosen to reject the very God who formed her and embrace the doctrines and morals of devils.

    Nevertheless, I’m blessed to say that our Lord is raising up a sanctified prophetic people who are withstanding and overcoming by the Blood of Jesus and the word of their testimony.

    Evil may appear to prevail, but the Glory of the Lord is rising upon us and will draw many to Jesus until the end. We are called to be His supernatural emissaries of the Kingdom of God. We are created to rule and reign with Christ on a higher level and bring souls to our Savior.

    God bless you as you continue to serve our Lord in grace and holiness, proclaiming the Truth with clarity and love.

    Gram Carole

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