Psalm 127:1

By Vernon Newbill

The Word of the Lord came to me in late November of 2014.

He simply said, “The Word of the Lord for 2015 is Psalm 127:1”.

Psalm 127:1 “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; Unless the Lord guards the city, The watchman keeps awake in vain.”

He then paused for a moment and said, “Tell her, (The Church), She had better get used to it, this is the way it is going to be”.

Lastly, He brought me before the image of the cross standing in the midst of the devastation of the World Trade Center after the events of 9/11/2001.

My sense is, this word is given to help us understand and interpret the events that will be unfolding this coming year, both in the church and the world.

For many of us, It will come as a painful shock to discover the Lord has not been the author of our labors…

We will find ourselves in great need of humility in those days and hours, to perceive the Lord’s judgments as a last grace and mercy to us, when we would not hear Him any other way.

I pray that in the jarring crisis of devastation, our eyes may finally be opened to find the cross, not in mere creedal acknowledgment, but in its full-orbed apostolic realities.

The cross is in God, the central core of His Being and the very essence of His Nature.

We need to meditate deeply in that reality…

And God crucified, not only externally in the place called Golgotha, but internally, in and through our lives, is the only foundation He builds on.

Lord help us.

Yyour brother in Him,
Vernon Newbill

2 thoughts on “Psalm 127:1”

  1. Dear Brother Vernon Newbill,

    Greetings from India . We are praying for you all in our prayers.

    I wanted to inform you regarding the background of me, my family and the work that God has put on my father Rev. Paul Murty who has been brought up in a very radical Hindu family. He worshipped many Hindu Goddess. In 1970s, my father was sick and he wanted to become a healing man. He looked up to many Gods (over thousands of Gods and Goddess in India ) but no God healed my father except our Heavenly Living Father. Hallelujah. So he accepted Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior and King. He has been trained as a minister of God from United Evangelical church of India , Andhra Pradesh , India under Rev. Timothy who was expired many years ago. My father is now leading a 74 years of age and unable to walk and speak due to ill health. He started many churches throughout Andhra Pradesh state and Orissa and other areas of Southern India . Due to his ill health, I have been ministering in the churches and I am also starting new churches in India .

    I have immense pleasure to introduce myself that I am a bond servant of God, carrying on His service since last 18 years. I have established Several Church congregations in many different places in Andhra Pradesh State in India . We do weekly worship, fasting prayers, youth Bible Classes, Revival meetings, Night Bible Prayer meetings and weekly Bible Programs etc., very regularly. I and my co-workers have been carrying on outdoor preaching by spreading the Gospel of JESUS Christ in visiting door to door, personal counseling, conducting street rallies, distributing the tracts, booklets and New Testaments and the Holy Bibles and we have been trying my best to save as many souls as possible. Our people are mostly Hindus and Muslims who are accustomed to worship ideals, cows, snakes and trees etc.

    I am prayerfully submitting this humble letter to you seeking your earnest and deepest and fervent Prayers and your full cooperation and support to spread the Living word of God to each and everyone throughout Wide India and to win millions of Dying souls for the Mighty Lord Jesus in these ending days. Please pray for my efforts to establish the Holy Kingdom of God on the earth. As a faithful bond servant of our Kind Lord Jesus Christ, my heart is replenished with the spiritual Power of His luminous light of salvation. I determined to declare the manifold Wisdom of God’s Word in each and every remote and rustic rural and tribal areas and Hindu, Muslim and Heathen and superstitious men and women to Christianity and to direct them that were converted in the way of redemption. I had won so many souls to His glory. I myself and along with my co-workers Prayerfully visiting Door to door, Village to village, Schools and colleges, Hospitals, Prisons, Railway Stations and Bus Complexes and hotels and presenting the great love of our Mighty Lord Jesus Christ.

    In the Ministry of God, We are 620 Pastors and Bible Women are working with me in India and proclaiming of the Gospel of Jesus Christ Through our wonderful and Soul winning Ministry, many and many people are coming forward to hear the Holy Word of God and Hundreds of Hindu, Muslim and Heathen people accepted Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, their Lord and their King. Praise the Lord! Still there is lot of Lord’s Holy Work yet to be done and millions and multitudes of dying souls are yet to be won in these ending days. Please pray for us to join more Laborers and kindly help us with your gifted hands to proclaim the Good News to all people those who are residing in quiet nook and far corners and jungles throughout Wide INDIA. Please pray for the ministry of God in India and our activities in reaching India for Jesus through:

    Full Evangelism
    Church Planting
    Pastoral Care
    Revival Meetings
    Gospel Crusades
    Pastors Conferences
    Youth Retreats
    Child Evangelism
    Helping the needy HIV/AIDS victims both children and adults
    Widow Homes
    Disaster Relief Programs
    Tracts and literature distribution programs
    Tracts and books translation into our Indian languages

    Please pray for our evangelistic activities, Charitable and philanthropic activities among the needy people in India . This is my Prayer that our Holy and Living Lord Jesus Christ will help you more and more abundantly and sanctions unlimited and Incomparable Blessing, Countless Rewards and Innumerable Resources according to His Greatness and Great Promises as told in Philippians 4:19, 1Corinthains 2:9 and Joshua 1:9. Millions of thanks are to our Kind God.

    Please visit India for Revival Crusades, Healing Campaigns, Pastors and Evangelists Seminars and Conferences, Women Conferences, Mercy activities to the poor and needy and Gospel activities in India . We will give you a great and grand welcome in Jesus Name. Thank you so much.

    Please pray for the MERCY ORPHANAGE AND SCHOOL in our village and could you please find the pictures of the orphanage, slum children, helpless orphans, HIV and AIDS children and the mercy works among the poor and needy.

    There are 416 orphans are in 5 of the Mercy Orphanages in Mogaltur, Deyyalatippa, Seetaramapuram, Bonakallu and Narasapuram. They are all residing in our churches in these areas. Please pray for the feeding programs and education and medical programs among the orphans.

    Please find the pictures of the orphans and the helpless children in India.

    Hoping to hear from you soon.

    Respectfully closed,

    Your faithful servant in His Vineyard,

    Rev. G. Sam Kumar
    Danayya Street
    AP 520 004

    Tel: 0091 98485 28000

  2. Yes, The Lord has said I will return to My place. When they acknowledge their guilt they will seek Me in their affliction they will earnestly seek Me. Come let us return to the Lord for He has torn us but He will heal us and cause us to stand before Him on the third day. It is the early morning of the third day and we are not healed. The world has experienced the favorable year of the Lord because of us. That will come to and end and the only place grace will be found is in the kingdom, out side the church, outside the camp.

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