Wigglesworth prophecy 1967

When staying with David duPlessis in Africa, Smith Wigglesworth had this interaction with him

"All of a sudden the door flew open and there stood Brother Wigglesworth. He walked forward, stood up straight, and commanded me, "Get up from there! Come out here!" I (David) stood up and immediately came over to him. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me up against the wall, looked straight in my eyes and began to prophesy. I’ll never forget the first first words of what he said, "The Lord says, ‘You have been in your Jerusalem long enough. You have to go to the uttermost parts of the earth, and He is going to send you. You will have the privilege to see and to participate in the most glorious and mightiest sweeping revival that has ever been known in Christian history."
As discussed in "The Smith Wiggleswrith Prophecy and the Greatest Revival of all time" pg 31 and 87

According to researcher Col Stringer, "he prophesied that these “ANZAC” islands of the South Pacific, (Australia and New Zealand) would herald in the last great move of the Holy Spirit.
As discussed in "The 800 Horsemen" by Col Stringer.

That revival was a continuation of the Pentecostal Movement into the Charismatic Renewal that is still happening today. Then in 1961, God gave Rev. Tommy Hicks a vision of the next stage of that revival – the worldwide work of "The Awakening Giant" of the Body of Christ as it is given power and spiritual authority of a magnitude that has not been seen since the Book of Acts.

A Word for Australia – M Webb

Martyn Webb
October 2004

The next prime minister will be an enigmatic personality who will rise from obscurity. He will be a no name with a good head for business. His radical ideas will turn the nation away from the USA and partner with the east. He will be against the church and Jesus.

The border lines of Australia will be altered and changed to help some economic woes we will have as a nation. Areas will be streamlined to stop over governing and waste of tax payers money. Councils, local governments will be restructured. Certain states of Australia will somehow change into one nation.

The refugee policies of the nation will be changed to allow many people in from foreign countries. We will be a place of refuge for displaced persons. Australia will be a hospital nation for a world wide catastrophe.

Turkey will have a great significance in the mission of the church of Australia. Because of the bloodshed during two world wars by Australian soldiers we will find favour with Turks and the gospel will invade Turkey and open the door to the Muslim world.

The next move of God will be brotherly love as the church is forced into pooling resources and building trust with each other. Apostolic leaders will lead the way, as radical leaders from outside the recognised order. Joseph’s and Jeptha’s will be called upon to manage this move of reconciliation.

Shaking Coming – S Bennett

Stephen Bennett
March 06

Great shake up is coming in the Australian Church that will separate the true from the false, and heal that which has stayed hidden. Thousands of believers are hungry and dissatisfied with current status quo and the obsession with a Christian image that they feel they have to conform to. God wants to establish genuine apostolic reform in the church that is totally Christ centred and Kingdom focused, where signs wonders, healings and miracles are the norm, where the Body of Christ is released for the work of their ministry in power. Australian patriotic pride has to be yielded to God, as much of that is in the Church. God wants His church yielded to Him so He can do the mighty works. There will be a great shake up in high profile church leadership if they don’t change and move with the Holy Spirit. Denominationalism has taken a grip of much that has been established at a contemporary level over the last 20-30 years.

God is giving favor to New Zealand in the natural world especially in the arts. The Christian influence in the arts will be increasingly significant from New Zealand. There has already been a foundation laid for many years in NZ, but though apostolic wisdom the Lord will release greater creativity through his people there, in the area of film, TV, music and fine arts. A new prayer movement will come out of NZ and re-ignite a passion for truth, warfare and a crying out to God for the redemption of the nation. There is a significant gathering coming in NZ for prayer that will accelerate a mobilization of over 500,000 people interceding and praying. Part of this is to break strongholds of Jezebel over the country and for the men of New Zealand to rise up with the authority and character of Christ.

Australia, Australia – G Grant

A word given to Gareth Grant, NSW
March 1998

Australia is a unique land, a land fashioned for God’s purposes. Australians are a unique people, a people fashioned by God for his purposes. “Do you not see? Have you not heard of the work of my hands? Behold, you look across the sea just like your fathers before you, and you say, “Surely the Lord’s goodness and grace will come upon us by these people.” You will look to the lands across the sea and you will wait.” says the Lord.

This is a

  • People born in despair;
  • People whom forefathers stole from;
  • People born in affliction, shame and prison;
  • People cast off and regarded as nothing;
  • People who weep for their land and their children;
  • People who wail in the night even when it is day;
  • People formed for God’s purposes in the days of affliction to come.

I have hidden my purposes from you. Do you not know, have you not heard? I have fashioned a people for my purpose and I have hidden it from them!

“Your forefathers thought that I did not see their deeds, that I did not see the bloodshed, nor heard the cries. Even now you think it is a light thing. Your cries and prayers are hindered and yet you wonder why? I see the shame of the women, whom the fathers and the sons have used and abused. I hear the cry, “Whose child are you?” and I hear their silent groans. Do you think I can not see the anguish of their shame?”

“Shall I not rise up on behalf of these peoples? Shall I not come and heal their wounds? You gave them a bottle to drink from saying, “This will heal you,” yet I shall give them living water! I have heard the cries in the night of their darkness. They sat imprisoned to do your will, yet they shall begin to do my will.”

I will come and heal them and I will come and put my fire within them. And they shall bear cups of living water to your people, even they who have sinned against them! Then my fire will touch you, and your sons, and your daughters. Even now I am working” says the Lord.

Shall we say, “This is not my sin, why should I be responsible for what our forefathers have done?” Let us not close our hearts, and ignore God’s word, for He will close His ears to our prayer! Now is the time for us, the peoples of this nation. Do not cover over the sins of the fathers, turn you hearts and seek God’s forgivenss in humility. For there is forgiveness and peace in God’s Beloved Son – the Lamb that was slain for the healing of the nations.