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The Apostles Are Coming

By Hollie L. Moody

1 Cor 11:34(b) ~ “And the rest will I set in order when I come.” In a vision, I saw the form of a man dressed in kingly garments. I felt in my spirit that this man was actually the King of Kings (Jehovah God). In one of His hands, the King held a rod. In His other hand, He held a staff. On the right hand and on the left hand of the King stood a person. I couldn’t tell if these people were male or female.

The King and the two people were standing before a large temple. As I stared at the temple, I became aware that a human body was contained within this temple. I was surprised and sickened to see that this large human body was headless. This body also appeared to have body parts and members of its body that “shifted” from one position to another so that the body wasn’t properly put together. Continue reading The Apostles Are Coming

Five Movements in the Earth Today

by Robert I Holmes
originally published 26 July 2005

Recently I was asked to bring a message to a leadership conference in Australia. There were men and women from every state in Australia. The weight of this word was heavy upon me, but as I shared it I realised it was for a broader audience too.

As I pondered what God was doing in the earth, I thought back to a recent encounter with God. In November 2004, during a time of great sickness and being bed-ridden, I was caught up to heaven. Many things were said during that time, but I saw five movements in the “earth opera” which bear telling at this time:
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Ten Shekels and a Shirt

By Paris Reidhead


And today I would like to speak to you from the theme “Ten Shekels and a Shirt,” as we find it here in Judges Chapter 17. I’ll read the chapter and then I will read a portion also from the 18th to the 19th chapter so that the background might be clear in our minds.

“And there was a man of mount Ephraim whose name was Micah.” A little background if you please. There was a situation where the Amorites refused to allow the people of the tribe of Dan any access to Jerusalem and they crowded them up into mount Ephraim. It is a sad thing when the people of God allow the world to crowd them into an awkward position. So the people of Dan were unable to get to Jerusalem. Out of this comes the problems that we are about to see.

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The Kingdom and the Church

By Robert Holmes

The instruction of Christ to us was to, “Proclaim the gospel of the kingdom until the end comes.” (Matt. 24:14). That was the job He delegated to us, within the overall mission He had Himself – to seek and save the lost. Then He made it clear, “I will build my church.” (Matt. 16:18). We preach Kingdom, He builds Church. It is pretty simple, yes?

One question which immediately comes to mind is, “Why do we spend so much of our time and effort “building church” when that is HIS job? And, “Why do we spend so little time preaching kingdom?” Continue reading The Kingdom and the Church

Secure Salvation

By Dr Ray Ashmore

God does not “rape” our consciences, our wills. He demands submission, but does not force it. We are called upon to “surrender” to spiritual consummation, to the intimate penetration of our total beings by the Holy Spirit. Covenant, (making a decision for Christ), must be accompanied, either immediately or subsequently, by the “filling of the Holy Spirit,” consummation. Fleshly resistance, even if cloaked in religious vision and ministry, the works of the flesh, will always be met by Christ’s declaration in that Great Day, “Depart from Me. I never ‘knew’ (ginosko) you, (Matthew 7:21-23).” In other words, “Our relationship was never consummated.”
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Prophets, Shake the Dust off Your Feet

By Jennifer Leclaire

“Shake the dust off your feet.” I wasn’t really surprised when I heard the Holy Spirit say those six words—but when I read the Scripture in context, it sent me into intercession for the ones who rejected the word of the Lord.

The sad story begins in a local church where I was serving on the pastoral staff. The church’s works were good, reaching out to the poor with food, clothing and shelter. The pastor’s sermons were not theologically deep, but they were biblically sound.
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Work Easy

By Robert Holmes

“Don’t just stand there, do something!” That seems to be the natural human condition. We need to look busy, appear fruitful, be making something happen. This is especially true when the pressure is on. The other day a fire threatened our home and my kids kept asking, “Dad what should we do?” The truth is, we were prepared, we had done all that was required and now… we had to wait. Indeed to act might have put us in danger. We were to wait… radio on, door open ready to run… waiting. The temptation mounts as the stakes get higher.

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People love False Prophets

By Ray Ashmore

The following was given to me this morning by the Lord. I trust that it will be edifying for you in your callings.

People tend to love and accept false prophets much more than true prophets because false prophets compromise the prophetic calling by being “positive” in negative situations rather than being truthful. Usually a true prophet is given words, senses, visions, dreams, intuitions, knowings about the necessity for corrective actions. False prophets and those who love them, including many pastors, want comforting, peaceful words in contexts that demand rebuke and restorative judgment.
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Shall we accept good from God and not Trouble?

By David Orton

“‘Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?’ (Job 2:10). This is a great mystery that both good and evil come from God. While we do not accept that God is the author of suffering, he allows it in his providential dealings to mature us. At the end of all his sufferings Job could testify: ‘My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you’ (Job 42:5). His head knowledge of God was not sufficient. He had heard of him by the hearing of the ear; but now, through great perplexity of soul, his eyes had seen him. The goodness of God had been shrouded momentarily in the ‘thick darkness’ of life’s pain. However, our extremity becomes God’s opportunity. In our darkness, the Spirit of God carries to us the revelation of who he is despite the lie of our circumstances. Continue reading Shall we accept good from God and not Trouble?